Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who's the most eligible of them all?

I have good news. In fact, I have fabulous news. You know how we are always venting about the Shidduch scene?

Well, I misjudged it. The cloud does have a silver lining. The Shidduch world is not that bad after all!

We can start counting our blessings.

Blessing #1: There is no list of top eligible singles published every year in Hamodia.

Let's all take a moment to say a little prayer of gratitude. (Something along the lines of"Thank you O Lord, for sparing us")

For our less fortunate brethren, those abiding in the 'Swamp' of Kattamon, have this to deal with every year.

When Nati on Srugim made it to an online list of eligible Religious singles, I wasn't sure if it was a joke. Turns out it's for real. Every year NRG publishes a list of the top Dati folk who are on the market for a spouse.

I'm so glad I'm Chareidi!

Or should we be starting our own version of "The List"?


  1. Did you see this?

  2. Thanks Shimon! I was looking for that link!

  3. But in the national religious world, a 31 year old single woman is considered eligible, and in the hareidi world, she is a pitiful nebach case that cannot be described in words.

    Also the NR don't have bench-warmers. Beware of them.