Thursday, May 6, 2010

So What's Up?

To stop you thinking I've been slacking off, to dispel the impression that I've been spending my free time lounging around in a hammock on the shores of the Caribbean, instead of typing away like a dutiful blogger should be, I figured it's time to post some links.

I've been blogging for Midnight East at the International Writer's Festival in Jerusalem. (But don't get your hopes up- I'm not shedding the cloak of anonymity. It's a pseudonym.)

I was worried I'd be discovered for a fraud beforehand. I couldn't believe that despite usually teetering around in heels, on the one day I meet the President of Israel(well I didn't actually meet him, but let's not get nitty gritty here) I'm wearing sneakers and looking a mess. Guess that's life. And I did enjoy the Invitation Only press conference and opening ceremony.

What do single girls like? Or more precisely, what do Frum single girls who are in Shidduchim like? And what do they NOT like?

Frum Satire also reposted my Marrying-a-Gay-Guy question. The feedback was interesting. (Although some is R-rated, so be warned)

The other breaking news item is that, from across the Atlantic, BOSD came to Jerusalem, and we got to meet up. This historic event took place on Ben Yehudah. Luckily, we managed to keep away the Paparazzi. (And don't worry Bad4, despite it being a chapter meeting of the BadForShidduchim club, I knew better than to order an ice cream this time. The fruit shake wasn't very good though, BOSD, was it?) And guess what? I discovered I'm not the only blogger to write all my posts on my IPod!

Ps. Since I know you're all waiting in suspense, let me make the official announcement that my career in double dating is over.


  1. You write all your posts on your IPod? Wow. I am surprised and impressed.

  2. Yosher co'ach on the conference!

    Both pieces are great. I particularly enjoyed the one from 4 May, excellently written, and poignant observations. Nicely done!

  3. You went from ice cream to fruit shakes? *shakes head* I recommend a razzle for next time - it's ice cream based, but it won't melt and get messy on you.

    So, will you tell us about the double date, or do we have to imagine?

  4. Yall went to froyo didn't you?
    I once got one of those things and made a bad mix of fruits and iccccccch. It's bad enough to be seen at froyo, much worse for it not have been worth it. lol.

  5. Alarbean- I write on my IPod and then edit it on my computer. There's something very relaxing about writing on the bus :-)

    and SD- I tried the app, but decided I prefer the Notes GUI. Thanks anyway!

    Bad4- What's a razzle?

    Feivel- What's so bad about being seen at Froyo? Oy vey, I hope I haven't ruined mine and SD's Shidduch reputation.