Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is YOUR favorite Shidduch post?

You know those Shidduch posts you read, somewhere, anywhere, and really love? The ones where your reaction is "That's exactly how I feel", the ones that leave you thinking, or get you grinning. Tell us about them!

We are collecting the best of the Shidduch Blogosphere, over here.

Our goal- Publication. Don't you feel sorry for those poor souls who don't have Internet access, or who haven't yet discovered the blogosphere? And wouldn't it be great, to have the very best posts collected in one book?

Our motivation- Making a real difference in how singles are being viewed in the Frum Community, and providing a genuine, uncensored, well written narrative about Shidduchim

Bad4Shidduchim launched the project today. Here are some FAQs we are being asked:

Who can nominate a blog post? Anyone! You don't even have to register on the site (although it would be cool if you did!)

Can I nominate my own blog posts? Yes! Who knows your best posts better than yourself? We are trying to find all the great stuff out there, that we might not know about - or might have read, and loved, but forgotten about.

So what do I do now? Go to the Shidduch Anthology Forum, and post the links to your favorite posts. And spread the word!


  1. Do you plan on getting permission from the bloggers before publishing their work?

  2. Of course! We'll contact all the authors before we use anything. This is just the preliminary step of collecting material.

  3. I think this is a great idea and hope it comes to fruition.
    I'm not good at setting up links so I won't try to send in a nomination, but I really hope somebody thinks to nominate your "Yeshiva Boy Auction"--it's a must-have in a shidduchim anthology.

  4. Rebbetzin HocksteinMay 26, 2010 at 7:03 AM

    I think that this is a great idea! My husband and I did not shidduch date, and as a mom of 2 children just starting the shidduch parsha, I am feeling clueless and in way over my head. I read this blog (and others) so that I can get a clue, have a good relationship with my kids during this stage of their lives, and be an effective advocate for them in the shidduch "system". Am looking forward to learning a lot more in the future!