Monday, February 25, 2008

Eating on Shidduch dates

Of all the unwritten rules floating around charedi society, this has got to be the one that does the most to make my life a misery.
Why can't I eat on a shidduch date?!
Did you know that sharing a meal with a guy is practically equivalent, to , well, sharing a bed with him?
Apparently eating is an intimate, bonding experience.
And here was me wanting to eat because I'm hungry. Been out at work all day, smeared on fresh makeup, stripped and dressed up in my sexiest tznius clothes (is that an oxymoron?) in one smooth motion, and run out of the house to sit in a cafe, surrounded by food, and sip a coke.
Yeah, sip a coke. For three hours. Till midnight! If I was in a desert island I guess I could survice. But in a restaurant?!
I know, I know, Charedi guys learn in Yeshiva. They don't have cash. Their dads are probably rabbis, so they are rock bottom broke also.
So what? I'll pay!
But I can't pay, won't work, no self respecting black hatter will let a BY girl pay..way too feminist..
Let's look on the bright side, if a girl isn't skinny when she enters the shidduch scene, I guarantee she'll be a walking broomstick after a couple of months of dating! Unless she does what I do, and fresses on post-date-pizza in Center 1.


  1. So why go out with these kinda guys?

  2. It's not their fault ,it's the way thing are here. I decided I want to be charedi, so I go out with charedi guys. Any better ideas?

  3. Are you a girl? It seems so. Can we go out? I would go out with any girl willing to pay for me- FREE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is why I do not like dating- because I have to pay.

  4. deal. if you'll pay for the flight to israel, I'll pay for the pizza.

  5. And I thought dates always involve eating. I am so out of the loop.

  6. i think that its important to share a meal with someone on a date. you get to see their table manners.

  7. Does sushi count?... I have had sushi on a first date.

  8. It's Israel. They have these weird ideas out there... Hey, why don't you offer to take a guy out to eat on your next date? He might be pleasantly surprised.

  9. I also hate that 'lets never make a mizonos on a date' situation! Be a mensch - buy me dinner!

  10. Did somebody say pizza?September 22, 2009 at 2:29 AM

    "deal. if you'll pay for the flight to israel, I'll pay for the pizza."

    I'll take you up on that offer.

  11. I've heard about this insanity among the yeshiva crowd of FFB's. I can tell you among the older, BT yeshiva people trying to find their second (or third!) mates, we eat. Period. Because watching how a man treats a waitress, eats his food and his general table manners says a lot about him.

    Hey,with the current problem of anorexia making its' way around the BY world, maybe it's a chesed!