Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dragging In the Stars

'I don't trust you when you drag in the stars,' she said. 'If you were quite true, it wouldn't be necessary to be so far-fetched.'
(Ursula, Women In Love)

It was worth reading the whole book, just for that line.

Because it's exactly how I feel, when men start going all romantic on me.

How about you?


  1. Can't say a guy has ever gotten romantic on me. You must date a different breed.

  2. You are looking beutiful lately

  3. Don't trust me then.
    (but I'm not angry :) )

  4. I dream about you every day

  5. I hate it when men get romantic with me! ;)

    Seriously, I never heard of romance on a shidduch date, but, like most things that are possible, i'm sure it happens.

  6. Oh, yes. The only man who ever felt the need to mention stars to me (and his wish to get them for my sake) did his very best to break my heart. By all means, guys, leave the celestial bodies alone.

  7. In my opinion, talk is cheap. Romance, to me, is shoveling the walk while I'm warm in bed.