Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chapter 12: Shadchan Undercover

"I'm Shulamit and I'm a…" She couldn't do it. She simply couldn't do it. What was she thinking of? How could she sit in the circle of chairs, younger even than the singles here to be set up, surrounded by stately matriarchs, and announce that she was a matchmaker?

She was definitely the youngest person attending. The girl on her right was elegant, and stylish, but she still looked faded, somehow. Perhaps it was the tinge of transparent blue under her eyes, or the way her hair looked like it had been blow dried once too often.

Expectant eyes still stared at her.

"...a student." She completed the lingering sentence. "I'm a design student."
Well a wannabe design student, pending acceptance. And a matchmaker on the side. That she didn't say.

It had sounded so simple. An Oneg Shabbos for single girls to network with matchmakers. Shulamit had thought she could expand her customer base. She hadn't realized that they would all think she WAS a customer. Being a single girl of marriageable age and all.

"And what are you looking for, Shulamit?"

What was she looking for? A career in fashion design, for one. And to help people. Yes, she'd like to help people.

"What are you looking for in a boy?" the woman repeated patiently. Shulamit probably looked nervous.

"Um, well, I haven't really thought about it. But send me all the details of anyone you think of and I'll check him out!" Check him out for her clients, that is.

Wow. Why didn't she think of this before? This was a great way to hear of single boys! She'd get them suggested to her, and then she could pass them on to her clients... She'd be a sort of undercover matchmaker. An agent provocateur. Scouting out the Singles scene.


  1. I thought one was not worthy of the term "shadchan" until they actually made a shidduch. Has she actually made one yet?

  2. Yeah Shulamit made a Shidduch, that's what gave her the idea ot be a Shadchan.

    I really need to write that chapter..

  3. And I thought that a single person could make thousands of shidduchim, but that all a person needed to be called one was to be married.

  4. Uh, no. My cousin was set up by a single girl - more like a teenager - and she had already 2 other shidduchim under her belt. And she's called the shadchan.

  5. lists the requirements for SYAS matchmakers, including

    4.Only married matchmakers are allowed on the site.

  6. I like this chapter. Cute, a bit funny