Friday, January 29, 2010

A Bnai Brak Wedding

He's leaning through the gap in the Mechitza. She stands on the other side, gazing up at him. They look so in love with each other, I think, as I watch them.

"Is that her brother?" a woman asks me

"No, he's her Chosson" I say. Surely it should be obvious? They came out of the Yichud room an hour ago, and it shows. Some serious chemistry going on there. I'm so happy that she's finally found him. It was a long journey.

"That can't be her husband, he's not wearing a hat" the woman announces, breaking my reverie. "She told me her Chosson wears a hat."

I stare at her; finally take in her tailored suit, sensible flats, and self righteous expression. Who is she? A rebbetzin, a teacher, a busybody neighbour?

Then I swivel round, take another look at the happy couple. She is right, he's not wearing a hat. I hadn't noticed before. He's wearing a black suit, and black velvet Kippah, but no black hat. His hair lies in damp strands on his forehead.

"He does wear a hat usually" I reassure the woman. "He probably took it off when he got hot from all the dancing"

"Hmmpph", is all she'll she say. She's not impressed. What sort of Yeshiva Bachur removes his hat, ever? He must be Modern.


  1. At least he kept his jacket on :)

  2. Not just 'modern' but sensible too!
    Surely the key point is that they are happy, or am I missing something?

  3. As we all know, Moshe Rabbeinu had a Borsalino, even though it clashed with "Desert Chic" robes.

  4. Of course it's not possible that there would ever be a good reason for a guy to remove his hat. I'm a particularly bad guy b/c sometimes I don't even wear a hat to shul on shabbos. Sometimes I think I have a good reason not to wear a hat, like when it's below zero and windy outside and I have to walk a mile to shul. Turns out that the good guys suffer through that painful walk in the cold and if they happen to use drugs or hang out in strip clubs it's ok as long as the hat never comes off.

  5. fiction piece or real?

    hacing gone to an israeli chareidi yeshiva when i was learning in israel, depending on which yeshiva it was, the bochurim took of there hats, jackets, and/or ties, for dancing. considering the economic level most of these bochurim are at, to dry clean a suit and tie, and reshape a hat is too expensive so they remove them.

  6. Harry- it's fact. Fresh from the hall to the blog.
    Perhaps the woman expected the groom to put his fedora back on before he came to the women's side. Whatever the reason, she didn't look convinced that he wore one. And she cared. Even if the bride didn't.

  7. Some peoples priorities are just extremely screwed up.

  8. One of the best things about going OTD was losing the hat!

    They say bochurim leave them on even in the shower...

  9. Maybe she was less worried about him being "modern" and more concern that the "kallah" was "dishonest"?