Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Charedim on Facebook

Take nice sweet aidel innocent Chareidi girls, put them on facebook, and what do you get?


Not because they hook up with guys, not because their photos are up there for the whole world to see.

They simply have no sense of what-not-to-post-in-public.

On my B-Day, my wall gets filled up with posts wishing me "Find a Chassan soon!", "Meet your Besherte this year!"

I mean, have you ever?

No pressure or anything..

As it is my less chareidi friends think my society is insane, this will only confirm it.

What next, shidduch suggestions on my wall?

Oh yeah, and I've even been asked to join a Sheitel Macher fan club.


  1. They assume the entire internet is an extension of Only Simchas. :)

  2. This is really hilarious... I think that this only shows that the only thing on the mind of women ages 18-25 is marriage.
    The issue is that there is nowhere else for us to be during these years BUT dating. Guys have the excuse that they are learning, we can go to sem for a year and get a job, but for the most part girls are just waiting to get married.

  3. Well here's what's next on frummy facebook:
    davening for your zivug for 40 days!