Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mrs. FnF

I'm suffering from a dreadful case of writer's block. Well maybe it's more like newly-married-and-haven't-blogged-for-six-months block. But in any case I really want to get back to blogging, since as I revert into a 9-6 working gal who cooks supper and does laundry on the side, I feel like I'm losing a part of myself, a very precious part, that I was rather proud of.

So my half year anniversary resolution is that I'm going to blog again. I won't write, that's too scary now, the blank white word documents stare back at me when I try to write. Instead I'll simply share the things I'm thinking, and hopefully, one day, this will be the blog it used to be.

Or in other words – Hi readers, I'm still alive, please come back. Anyone?

One thing I still haven't gotten used to is my new "title".


Is he speaking to me?

I'm not a "gveret", a lady. I'm a "bachura", a girl. (That's I I'm lucky. Usually I'm a "motek" or "chamuda" or "mami".)

But suddenly I'm a grownup.

The taxi drivers, the cashiers at the supermarket, the clerks at the bank, they are all treating me with new found respect.I've been working for five years, paying taxes and handling bills, releasing multi million dollar projects and investing in a pension plan. But then I was still a kid, according to the voices on the street.

I find it funny that one wedding ring and one hat/sheitel/scarf, is what makes me an adult, a lady, in the world's eyes.

And I wonder, when go secular women get to escape their "bachura" status? Because they wear no telling head covering. Or is their ring finger being surreptitiously checked every time they step foot in public?


  1. So glad you're blogging again, welcome back.

  2. RSS feeds are a good thing. Nice to see you back! Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, though.

  3. Yes your readers are still here (well, me at least). I read your articles in Mishpacha- taken from this blog- very nice.

    They probably never get called bachura- they might find it demeaning. And, they still get called chamuda, I assume. I'll be back when I verify what I'm saying in actuality.

  4. Great to see you're back :)

  5. I experienced this difference too when I started covering my hair. For secular women it's based on how old they look.

  6. Welcome Back!

    Didn’t you write in the addendum that in addition to working you now have to cook, do laundry, and run a house?! I think that should qualify you as a grownup! It happens to be a ring or hat/sheitel/scarf tells the world of your new-found responsibilities and the voices on the street are just mimicking that.

  7. It's an interesting question. I'm not really sure, but I think SiBaW might be on the right track. Certainly seeing a diamond ring and wedding band on the left ring finger would tip people off, or if a woman is seen carrying her baby/walking around with her children.

  8. Welcome back - great to see that you have returned to blogging!

  9. Is this post the reason you wrote your story for Calligraphy, Pesach 5772/2012? That was pretty intense. Was that a thought that went through your head? Did you have friends who tried to do something like that? It was really fascinating.

  10. Gosh you're right! This post does sound like it was the inspiration for my latest story. But the funny thing is, I totally forgot writing this post.
    The story idea, where a girl runs away and pretends to be married, has been in my head a long time. Ooriginally I wanted her to adopt a baby at the end.
    None of my friends did anything like that though :-)

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