Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why do I blog?

Well I know why I don't blog, and that's for the cash. I sure don't make much money out of this blog. It's more lucrative to write for Horizons magazine, who are infamous for their "we barely pay for the ink but here's a free copy of the magazine thrown in" deal.

So far all I've gotten out of this blog is: One Nokia N97 to trial, which I have to give back next week (parting is such sweet sorrow). And one date, which I can't even write about. (I realised the toughest part about going out with a reader is that you can't post about it afterwards, him reading it and all)

So along comes Heshy and offers me the opportunity of a lfe time. Advertisers! Maybe I'll make enough to retire to a life of challah baking and scrapbooking?

Truth is I wasn't so keen at first, because I don't think much will come of it anyway, so why sell my soul to the devil?

But this ad is actually for a company that I believe in. I heard about it a year back and thought it was a good idea. It will free up Sam's Bagels for one thing, if all the unemployed and bored american newly weds are at home working, instead of plying the cafes with their pony tail sheitels and strollers, while their hubbys are shteiging in the Mir.

So here's the Ad.
Are you a busy business owner who is short on time? Do you wish you could find a college-educated, hard working assistant to help you on a part-time basis? Good news--now you can!

A 2-year old company, Secretary in Israel, will place with you an American virtual executive assistant to help you with a range of your administrative and marketing tasks. They can do everything from: making & confirming appointments, booking travel, sending gifts and cards to your clients, updating your Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Facebook, & YouTube accounts, and much more.

To learn more about how you can get assistance in just 5 - 10 hours/week, visit them online: virtual executive assistants.

OK. That wasn't too bad. If it doesn't work out I guess I can always try this instead:


  1. Hmmmmm, what does Mephistopholes offer nowadays? I'm sure he's upped his game since tangling with Faust.

  2. I have an N97. I named her Kiki. She was my aliyah gift to myself after a gajillion years in the US with a Verizon free phone.

    Sorry you have to give yours back!