Thursday, October 22, 2009

True Love

When you like him, he doesn't like you.

And when he likes you, you try your hardest but simply don't like him.

And then someone comes along, and you actually like him. And guess what? He seems to like you too.

And you're both so shocked, that you marry each other.

That's my grandma's take on how people get married. I'm still waiting for it to happen.


  1. I think the approach in frum world little bit different: you don't dislike each other - you marry, you start liking each other over the time, by both trying to show only good midos towards each other....

  2. why not just write a column in a gossip magazine and rant there?

  3. Speedily and in our days!!!
    Shabbat shalom

  4. Yeap- for me it happened the way you said. We both (shockingly) liked each other and it's been 5 years last night.

    And just to give you some hope- the first time he met me I was bald and in ratty pajamas. The second time, I puked all over his new car. The rest of our meetings were all in the same vein.

    So if we (shockingly) still liked each other, it can happen to anyone.

  5. She can't write a column -- I don't need any more competition. I have bills, you know.

  6. omg this is totally how i feel!! ur so right

  7. In my case, he knew he liked me from the first moment we met. Then he just spent a great deal of time and effort (and crazy stunts) convincing me until I couldn't live without him.

  8. So is that how it happened after all?