Sunday, July 12, 2009

Toddler Tete-a-Tetes

"In our frum and yeshivish circles it has become acceptable to send 2 to 3 year olds to a mixed pre school, where boys and girls:
play together,
walk to the park holding hands (Non shomer negiah at such an early age!),
eat at the same tables.. (someone could think it's a shidduch date!)
I feel it's inappropriate"

Kudos to C.S from Yerushalayim , who wrote to Hamodia raising this important issue.

While we are on the topic, I'd like to propose that hospital nurseries should also be separate. I mean there our Kinderlach are doing something much worse than holding hands, they are sleeping together!


  1. Someone wrote a letter in reply to Hamodia, with the same idea! Separate Nurseries. And the coolest part is, they were also being sarastic. And Hamodia didn't censor it!
    I guess they aren't as square as I always though.

  2. I was a counselor in a day camp for 2/3 year old boys and girls. It was really cute to see how they became friends wit each other. There were a couple of boys and girls who paired up and became partners, usually because their parents are friends with each other. There was one boy though that really liked his partner girl. When they went on the moon walk, he would jump with her and then lay down on top of her. I didn't know whether to stop them or not, cause they are just little children.

  3. umm what the author of the letter fails to understand is THAT THERE IS NO ISSUR for those kids to do what he describes.

    In fact no-one i know holds of the mishna berura's age of yichud/negiah at age 3. (i know a lot of frum and yeshivish people too)

    In fact we (as a community) hold of the Chazon Ish who held that the age was "when the girl starts acting as a girl" which is around age 5-7