Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Real Me

Did you know I'm an irreverent dissenter? I think it's super cool. First time I've been mentioned in the same line as a pervert too.

In reply to the concerned comments, here and over at Bad4Shidduchim, I'd like to reassure my devoted fans (well OK then, my happenstance readers who googled "frum + phone + sex" and stumbled upon me instead) . My last post on the work-date dichotomy is not to be taken too seriously. I exxagerated. Poetic license.

I do act myself on dates. The question is, what is myself? The work me certainly isn't. I'm not into technology, and put my hands over my ears when my friends mention anything to do with computers ("I'm trying to chill here folks!") I prefer classic understatement and modesty to showing off and self marketing. I'm totally into going with the flow and detest schedules and charts. I resort to intuition over logic. It's only now that I'm learning how to direct people, and get things done my way. I have absolutely no desire to marry a husband that will follow my lead (No I don't want him to boss me around either, I'm looking for a marriage of equals) And the list goes on and on.

So maybe I should "be myself" at work? Nah, I like the pay. And I'm pretty good at it. If learning the moves is what it takes, so be it.

I'll probably be crucified, but I see the work world as a man's world. While I'm a woman, and I love it. Call me a post feminist. Proud to be different. Proud to be a woman.

And I believe in femininity. Come on girls, have you never had a guy wrapped around your little finger? Isn't it fun?

O.K, I admit it, my efficient side does shine through sometimes. I call museums/cafes/parks before every single date to check they are really open. Ever since the time a taxi driver turned off the meter and surfed up and down Emek Refaim street with me, in search of the restaurant where I was supposed to meet my date. Finally we figured out my romantic venue was actually a building site. Renovations. Try waiting by a dusty lot, dressed to the nines, surrounded by Arab laborers. Sometimes it's not good to rely on guys.


  1. I try to be natural and calm on a date.

    In regards to being a woman, I'm also happy with to be one. They have their role, we have our own. Lets make the best of it.

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  3. When men are dating they think they want the working girl side but after they get maerrried the want the surrendered side.

  4. Ouch- bad date venue. But sometimes we are different on dates, just because we're in public and with a person we hardly know.