Saturday, March 7, 2009

Written at the ripe old age of 17

Hearing their laughter
Drift through school gates
Longing to join them
Skip with playmates

I want to be a child
Spared from the pain
Playing free and wild,
Feeling young again

Now that I'm older
The world's somehow colder
Why must you show me
How rough life can be?

But life's about living
And we've got to grow
So to you I'm singing
Please help me let go

I figured this is my blog, so I can post my sappy old poems if I want to


  1. It's easy to find online bloggers who grumble,
    but once, on a rare, lucky internet stumble,
    I found one that's worthwhile, who since at least seventeen,
    displays a readable smile, and a mind that is keen.

    She may joke about her latest, messed up date,
    but wait, don't think this makes her all too irate.
    Because at the end of the day, she is only flipping
    But that's okay, considering all the coke she's been sipping.

    From her talented writings, I picture the poor aidel
    with some yeshiverish bloke saying, "Now don't be afraidle..."
    She's sitting there sweetly, looking all frum-from-birth.
    He's taking a step back, to make room for his girth.

    If it were up to me, I'd pick you up in a car,
    But despite your odd yearnings, would not go to a bar.
    But I would complement your beauty, buy you pizza to chew.
    'Cause afterall, isn't that just derech eretz, as a Jew?

    All of that, of course, is via shidduch by our Ravs.
    As I, for one, am maybe too immature for my loves.
    Then, finally once married, If I may be so bold,
    I'd take you by the hand, and together, grow old.

    Right now you must be questioning my yiddishkite breed.
    Could I be your Charedi prince, upon noble steed?
    Perhaps I'm more 'meaty'? Not much of a sweetie?
    Or, gasp, dare I suggest: An enlightened BT?
    Your long skirts, my black hat...
    our white shirts, and all that?

    Just what is the pshat?
    I would tell you... but...

    When I decided to search through all of mighty facebook,
    I realised it was a wild turkey chase I'd mistook -
    - or mistaken. Whatever.
    I'm not shaken. I'll endeavour
    To guess your username
    and play this tame game

    'til you can no longer deny,
    this mystery guy,
    your reply.

  2. Flippin' and Shady, sittin in a tree.......

    Oh wait - you grew up in frummy girls' schools - do you even know the next line of that schoolyard chant???

    Whoever he is - you should definitely meet him before you get engaged to what's his face. Just in case he's your zivug. :o)

  3. Cool. V. Cool in fact. First time anyone's ever written me a poem. Thanks :)

    So who are you?

    but Adam, nah, he's probably married.

  4. Adam, do you know something we mere happenstance readers don't, who's this "what's his face" that you mention?
    Flipping, you engaged!?

  5. Nah, Adam's getting carried away.

    I'm just going out with someone I like and doing my best not to build castles in the sky..

  6. Who am I?

    Well, assuming you aren't looking for a deep philosophical analysis, then how do I answer that here, on such a public forum?

    You want my résumé or the DVD? :)

    Okay, this is me...

    I love singing out loud, and regularly
    -despite being pretty much tone deaf.

    I have literally millions of dollars in the bank
    -converted into Zimbabwean Dollars I mean.

    I've been to MIT, Harvard and Yale
    -only for a day, when I went on vacation to the States.

    Women complement me on my dashing good looks
    -but what else do you expect her to say, she's my mom.

    I've finished all of Shas once already
    -but then there was this whole incident with this angel, it touched my lip, and I get a little fuzzy after that.

    I enjoy creative writing
    -but my definition of "creative writing" includes a disturbing over-use of smiley-faces :)

    On a serious note though, I would view a shidduch's preference for cats over dogs as a potential deal-breaker.

    And maybe most importantly...
    I should let you know that I don't plan on dating yet for probably another six months still. So I'm sorry to have maybe whet anyone's curiosity.

    But come Pesach time, if you're still single, and have a penchant for puppies, then maybe we can wonder the Old City calling out "Flipping" and "Shady" and see what happens...?

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