Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kosher, Kosher, Everywhere

If you're lucky enough to be living in the holy land, you can sign up for a super duper holy service which blocks calls to "unwanted" numbers. Bezeq is launching "Kav Naki" , a "kosher" phone line.

My question is: who chooses what numbers to block?

"That's odd, the Mendelssons phone is cut off"
"Oh, Ima, don't you know?! Their phone number's been added to the banned list. Chani wasn't accepted to any Bais Yaacov, so they are sending her to an Ulpana. I saw her going to Bnai Akiva on Shabbos!"
"Oh, I hadn't heard. Well that explains it then. "

How many people are using phones for messing around nowadays anyway? Hasn't the internet taken over? Or cell phones at least? What comes next? Bugging people's mouths'? Or my own invention, the KosherGuard?


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  2. Kudos. May this be the successful launch of an Elul filled with teshuva, kedusha, and of course, a zivug hagon!