Sunday, May 6, 2012

In Real Life

I found this post in my Ipod. It was written "735 days ago". That's back when I was single, skeptical of ever finding the right guy through a Shidduch date, and meeting quite a few of my online readers.

You read my blog. You like it, that's why you carry on reading it. You want to meet me.

You have this picture of me in your head.

You expect me to be vibrant and energetic. You expect me to be bubbly and charismatic. You expect me to be like my writing. I'm not. I'm quiet,  I speak softly. Often I don't speak at all, because I'm still thinking.

You either expect me to be rebellious and critical of society (based on some of my posts), or you think I'm flipped out, like my name( which was chosen by mistake, but that's another story).

I'm neither. I'm just another frum girl. The type you wouldn't look at twice if you passed in the street. I do have some criticism of society, but so do most people, they just don't bother to voice theirs.

And I think most bloggers are the same. We are good writers. But writing and speaking are two different skills.

We aren't pretending. We are like our blogs, but only inside. And only in one facet of ourselves.

Carry on drawing pictures of us in your heads. But know they are probably wrong.


  1. I think this is true of a lot of bloggers. If we were talkers, we probably wouldn't have blogs. This isn't the way we'd choose to express ourselves.

  2. Wow, very intesting. Maybe I have the opposite problem because I keep thinking of blog posts but never get around to writing them down or posting them. I have about three at the moment floating around my head...

  3. One of the best things you ever written (and I've read every post). Thank you

  4. Very interesting - and true. Writing is often a way to express what can't be said in words. It's more deliberate, lets you think more, and certainly gives you the opportunity to draft and edit something before it becomes manifest in the world out there.

    I've always liked writing, and often find it easier to write than talk. I'm also usually more on the quiet side, thinking rather than speaking. Maybe blogging is a way for the thinkers to be communicative when spoken words can't quite do the job.

    Anyway, great post!

  5. totally agree. its the same reason dating sites never worked for me. we'd chat online, theyd fall for my wit and come meet me with a preconceived notion of what id be. and we can never live up to someones vision of who we should be.

  6. I'm not 100%, but I think I've portrayed myself fairly accurately. People often say that I write the way I talk and talk the way I write. Although somehow, while saying that, my friends argue over whether I write better or speak better. Speaking for myself, I do talk a lot... like a lot lol.

    I've considered opening a new blog that would remain completely anonymous but I realized that many of my readers would be able to identify me purely on the way I write. As well, content-wise I think I've given enough information about myself that the picture that someone would paint for me would be fairly accurate.

  7. So true-I basically fell in love with a blogger via reading his posts, got myself set up with him and proceeded to be so sorely disappointed with him in person that I barely gave him a chance-even though I KNEW that I loved how he viewed the world and how he thought-it was so sad :(

  8. just goes to show u guys that things people do say write ect are NOT who they itsw their specific feelings about a particular topic at any given point in time. not much to do with who they are. i know for myself i rather crack a joke at this but rivht now i want to logically point out how absurd u guys sound. does anyone use logicaly backed truth statements or deductive reasoning any more