Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shana Tova!

OK, I know Rosh HaShana has been already. But it’s like Tashlich right? I can push it off my new year’s post to before Yom Kippur, or even up until Hoshana Raba. (Hey I made Yom Tov, that’s a ton of cooking and I don’t even know how to cook, so gimme a break.)

Once upon a time I wished my friends Shana Tova in person - we met in school, in Shul, “around”.

Then came the phone calls – we’d moved areas, switched schools, started Seminary.

Text messages were next – a constant beeping of poetic wishes throughout the day.

I blame Kosher phones for the shift to mass emails .

But emails are so 20th century. Nowadays we wish Shana Tova intimately to our close friends – using Facebook Statuses, Tweets, and of course – on our blogs.

So Shana Tova everyone! Thanks for your loyalty, if you’re actually reading this, after my neglect.

Blogging more regularly- that's my new year’s resolution. Together with finishing my novel. Oh and being a better person etc. etc., but we don't need to get into that.

Truth is I have been writing - just not in my old haunts. Check out the Yom Kippur and Sukkos Mishpachas for my stories (by Sara Shamansky) I’m in the third Calligraphy in a row, which I think is kind of cool.

With proceeds of said stories I ordered an IPad (money is a great motivator !) and hopefully I'll get more blogging done on my new toy.

I’m also back at pounding away at The Matchmakers Diaries, so expect to see some new chapters up soon. ( If any of you still remember the plot... )

Anyway, may you have a happy and meaningful year, and may all your wishes come true.


  1. I enjoyed your stories in Mishpacha- looking forward to seeing more...

  2. Also looking forward to more Matchmaker Diaries chapters!! (Or the novel, which ever gets "published" first!)

  3. Yay! Shana Tova to you too. Glad to see you're still around...

  4. Wow!! I just read your Mishpacha article. I am 23, single and I am your main character of the story. I feel like I wrote that myself. You really captured the feelings and thoughts that go through a single's mind- I guess because you went through it yourself. keep writing- great work!

  5. gmar chatima tova
    Thanks for your update and looking forward to reading more next year.

  6. Promises, promises... :)

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Anonymous #2- I wrote another chapter but I'm waiting till I have a series written before I post them

    Anonymous #3 - I was so happy to read that you enjoyed my story! I really miss getting feedback on the stuff I write

    GilaB - Once a month is also something, no? :-p