Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello World

The good news is, I've not been abducted by aliens.

Yes, I know that you've been getting worried. It's been almost a whole month without posting. I hear your fear.

And all I can say is – Sorry. I've just been rather busy lately.

Mishpacha asked me to write a story for them for their Sukkos issue, and that's taken up all my free time, the time I usually use for blogging, or working on my novel. Even when I wasn't writing it, I was thinking about it, and thinking that I should be writing it if I could only get myself to stop reading/resting/randomly wasting time. I've never written a story with a deadline before, and I'm not used to the pressure. Inspiration goes out of the window, and forcing myself to clang away at the keyboard arrives instead. But I think the end result was OK, I'll let you know when it appears.

My other update is that I won't be coming to New York this August. It sounded like a ton of fun, and I was really looking forward to meeting a lot of you(!!!), but some logistical details in Israel mean I'm going to be stuck indoors in my boring office job instead. Oh well, hopefully some other time.

Also, I may have an exotic variation of writer's block disease. There is some stuff I want to blog about, but for various reasons now isn't the time.

So all I can say in the meantime is- please don't give up on me! I love blogging, and I love you reading my blog. I'll be back soon!


  1. You've got a rain check on all counts!

  2. :D

  3. It's okay, readers are still here, have a good vacation

  4. You probably will enjoy better weather over there. It's been one of the most miserably hot summers in New York --ever!

  5. Re: Mishpacha story - that sounds great, and it's wonderful that you're getting published more and more! Enjoy the break, and do something fun to get over that writer's block.

  6. I feel like an abandoned wife.