Friday, March 5, 2010

Chapter 17: But it's Mixed

Brachy didn't know when it was, that she started wanting it.

She'd seen the advertisements hundreds of times, she'd heard it discussed and seen picture displayed. She'd never thought it could be meant for her though. She was a teacher, she was solid and sensible. She wasn't creative; she wasn't artistic. She wasn't the type of girl who learned photography, especially not in a place like Kattamon.

"But it's mixed" she said to Ima.

"Brachy, you're a good girl, I trust you; I'm not worried. If this is what you want to do..."

"But I can't go, Ima. I was only joking."

"Brachy listen to me now" Ima's voice was firm and strangely compelling. "If you think you will enjoy studying photography then I want you to do it. You're a mature girl who can handle herself fine wherever she is. I think this course is a great idea. You said the school will pay for it?"

"The ministry of education sponsors it for teachers. We get credits for it too"

Learning photography did sound like a lot more fun than another boring evening class about education and children's psychology, which she would have to take for credits otherwise.

"Wonderful, so it's settled. Enjoy!"

Ima passed the advert in the journal back. Brachy had been idly flicking through it while working her way through a bowl of cornflakes. She'd half joked, and half wished, that she could go to the photography course described there. Now it looked like it was really going to happen.

Her mother was pleased. Finally something that Brachy seemed keen about.

Brachy hardly ever smiled now, about anything. And the idea of this course had her eyes lighting up. It was time Brachy did something that made her happy. She needed it, the poor girl. She'd been through enough. Dating seemed to be getting her down too. She wished she could knock some sense into those spoiled boys, not to see what a jewel her Brachy was.

It was hard, seeing your child hurting, and there not being anything you could do for her, there being no way to protect her, to shelter her, the way it was a mother's job to do.

This, at least, she could do for her, she could help make happen.

Yes, Brachy definitely deserved to have some fun. And so what if it was in the non Chareidi suburb of Kattamon? Nobody needed to know.


  1. But Katamon is a lovely area - there are even some indigenous chassidim!
    Hope Brachy enjoys it there - prefer Baka myself - and the energy and vibrancy will hopefully rub off on her.
    Shabbat shalom

  2. Do I foresee this backfiring for Brachy, based on her mother's closing thought? Oh no...

  3. "Brachy, you're a good girl, I trust you; I'm not worried."

    The rules of tznius and yichud aren't there to prevent the opportunity for the less-trustable to misbehave. Obviously the frummest kids of the biggest gedolim would adhere to these gezeiras, and no one (including themselves) doubts if they can trust them.

    These measures are there to ensure more subtle, and just as important, preservations.

  4. She's going to have to keep this secret from all these yeshiva guys she's dating. No good is going to come of this, she'll end up driving a car and even dating some kipa sruga wearing guy...