Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How do they know so much anyway?

"I'm not wearing my best dress. Because I'm saving my best dress for your wedding"
Says my 6 year old niece.


"You're so silly", her cousin says to her. "It will be too small for you by the time she's married, for sure!"

WTH? It the forecast so dismal?

"No. How can you say that? She can have a Shidduch tommorow, and bingo be married!"

Pipes up another little voice at the Shabbos table.

Thanks for the faith, darling.


  1. Funny!

    I always get annoyed though when people talk about me in that way.

  2. Seriously, dude, the only reason for the shidduch crisis is because people DO NOT want to get married. There are ample ways for finding a shidduch and if you can't be content with anyone then you simply don't want to get married enough. One will always find faults in others, it's part of life, so either learn to overlook the negative or remain single and violate halocho as long as you wish :)

    (Sorry for sounding so harsh, but it's simply such narishkeit how people make such a huge deal over simple matters)

  3. Hahaha, so cute! Kids say the darndest things, no?

  4. Anonymous -- I've been happily married for 13 years -- and I'll agree that married is good -- but married to the wrong person is NOT good, and for some (perhaps many) wrong matches, not married is actually better!! Yes, possibly some people are being too picky, but I do think you are being too harsh. Married to someone incompatible is worse than never married at all.

    Frum N' Flipping, believe that the right person exists, is out there, and is looking for you as well, and continue trying to find him. And I think your little niece is very sweet. I hope she does get to wear that dress for you. (Although her mother might prefer to buy her something new instead anyway...)

  5. Agree with miriamp. Being married to the wrong person is terrible, even if there are no fights or anything bad going on. Having just plain marriage when you can hardly get exited about the person hurts your soul (been there done that).

    On the other hand, when you meet the man of your dreams, your heart sings. Sometimes it takes more than one time to try, but being happily married is better than being alone - on the long term.

  6. Anonymous -

    You're right. If you want to be married enough, you can get married easily. And guess what? That's exactly how people end up in abusive and\or unhappy relationships!

    If you think that it's as simple as just wanting to get married, you're either incredibly naive or incredibly stupid.