Monday, February 25, 2008

PS. Why I'm gonna burn in hell

So I tell this woman (i.e woman whom I know, I'm not one of these just-made-aliyah-and-thinks-every1-in-israel-is-my-best-friend-so-talk-to-strangers-on-the-bus chicks) that I'm coming from a wedding.

This is a lie.

NO, this is not why i'm gonna burn in hell. The general consensus if that you're allowed to lie about dates (this is for the uniniated among you)

Why don't I say I was on a date? I honestly don't know, I mean it's no state secret.

So I was at a wedding, right? I'm sipping my Ice coffee, and about to pull out Center 1's finest onion pizza, when it hits me.

Wedding = Meat, Pizza = Milk.

Ok, so I'll wait with the pizza. I carry on sipping my ice coffee. I guess I'm kind of slow. I remember that Ice Coffee also = Milk.

May as well burn in hell for the pizza too. I pull it out and bite.

You hear guys? This is what coke-only-dates drives me to!!


  1. I stumbled accross your posts- and i have to say i find them very intresting. You say that you want to be charedi- I was wondering if you could write a post on what motivated you to become Charedi- im assuming that you are a BT and probably in one of the American BT sems in J'lem, or spent some time in one of them and now work. But its always intrigued me what the psycology is behing people who decide to become charedi- (and within that what type of charedi) I mean are you looking to be a kollel wife type or what? If you could write an honest post on this topic it would be great- thanks

  2. please, you think the person you were talking to really noticed and thought about it? besides, i've gone to weddings where i don't eat...

  3. wonderwold, sorry to dissapoint you, but I'm not a BT. Just chose charedi over modern orthodox.

  4. And what is this obsession with Center One?